"Since the start of his business I’ve had a Murreed chanter reed in my personal chanters. I use the reeds in the band setting as well. Easy to set up, consistent high quality product. I recommend his products without reservation!"

-Greg Markiewicz, Worcester Kiltie Band

Instructor - Worcester Police Pipes and Drums

"Alastair, the consistency of the reeds you sent over are absolutely fantastic. Rich vibrant top hands, they work well in a variety of chanters, and excellent craftsmanship. I'll certainly be ordering more for myself, and to pass on to students. Class!"

-Robbie Beaton, Pipe Sergeant 78th Fraser Highlander’s

"Alastair has a good ear for tone. The Toronto Police Pipe Band has a mix of some of Ali's cane drone reeds around the circle, and I find them to be harmonic and reliable. He's professional when it comes to the business of sound, and he's good to work with in making minor adjustments to suit our needs, and in helping guys get the most out of their instruments."

-Pipe Major Sean McKeown, Toronto Police Pipe Band

"I got a couple of Alastair's pipe chanter reeds. They are cracking good reeds. Came right in at 480 in my Colin Kyo chanter. Nice and bright, very responsive, good volume, and not hard to blow. You can't go wrong."

-Tom Bauman

"Recent import from Ireland Alastair Murray, now of Pittsburgh, has been making a name for himself on the boards as a fine player of piobaireachd, and he is making a name for himself as a maker of fine pipe chanter reeds as well. I recently tried a batch of six reeds, and found all of them to be well made and quite vibrant on the top hand.

The pitch remains quite stable over the course of a practice, and when I stop playing for a few minutes and pick the pipe back up, simulating a contest condition, the reed comes back up quickly, minimizing the amount of time needed for retuning.

As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And in this case, I liked the pie enough that I will be using the Murreed in my next recording."

-John Bottomley, Director of Bagpiping, United States Military Academy at West Point